Welcome to my site.

As someone who works a full-time job, I felt the need to find an outlet that combined my love for music and creating art. I missed going to support local and international acts but missed even more than that, I missed the feeling of being involved with the music scene. After buying a camera for a vacation back to South Africa to see friends and family, I found that I loved capturing moments and creating images that might have been missed otherwise. Upon returning to New Zealand, I felt it was necessary to upgrade my camera and try my hand at shooting some local gigs. With help from friends a far and the passion to learn, I found myself feeling excited again with a new direction in the music scene.

This is my journey, a place to show off some of my favorite images and I welcome you to join me in my adventures of learning and bands I've always dreamed of seeing up close.

Perhaps this could be more one day but for now I'm happy capturing the moments I get to see of my favorite bands and showing them to you. The future holds many possibilities and I am eager to see what is to come. 


Matt Henry Mendonca